I have been paying my Khums regularly. I have some mutual fund investment, some investment in shares and some investment in insurance on which I haven’t paid Khums but I want to keep them for mortgage of my first house in the UK. Do I have to pay Khums on that?

I also have some cash which is intended to be the deposit of the house that I aim to buy in next 2 to 4 years. Do I have to pay Khums on this amount? I don’t have any house at the moment

Ruling 1792. The amount a person spends from his profit during the year on food, clothing, furniture, the purchase of a house, the wedding of his son, the trousseau of his daughter, ziyārah,(7) and suchlike, is not liable for khums provided that the amount spent is not beyond his status.

If you don’t liquidate the shares or investments then it’s fine but when you liquidate them then Khums will be liable