I have been quite depressed with myself lately trying my best to do everything I can that can earn me a meeting with Imam. However, nothing happens at all.
On the other hand, my father shares his dreams. I do become happy about him but at the same it it depresses me greatly when I start questioning my worth before Ahlulbayt as if I’m transparent to them and they are ignoring me despite knowing how much I want them, as if I’m a very unworthy person and deserves nothing from Ahlulbayt . These thoughts had me feel quite hopeless, worthless as if I lost meaning to live.

I understand it’s up-to Ahlulbayt and Imam Mahdi to decide to meet us or no; and we don’t have a say in that; but how can we practice patient in regards to waiting for a sign or meeting them?
How can we aspire to meet them in our dreams and know they are happy with us? What can we do to have dreams of Ahlulbayt?

The idea of pleasing Ahlulbait is not necessary based on meeting them nor the idea of not meeting them necessary translates into them not being pleased with us. We must simply strive to follow their teaching and remain steadfast on their path. Working on the assumption that I will do everything I can only so I can meet the imam is not a healthy phenomenon because of the very fact that it may lead you to doubt and speculation just like what happened in your case. Rather you must adhere to their teaching and that in itself is what pleases Ahlulbait