I have been someone who would never leave namaz and even tahajud. But since past 7 months I feel like not praying at all.
It has been happening with me since the day one of my dua has been rejected. I did every possible amal I could to get that dua answered but it has been turned down on me. Now I know, it might have been not good for me therefore I didn’t get it but this has affected so many things in my life. Basically my whole beliefe system.

Dealing with Allah should never be on the basis of gain or loss situation, this kind of attitude is like that of a business man that if he wants to enter into a business contract he looks at the pros and cons and if the cons outweighs the pros he refrains from the contract and would not sign it. This can’t apply to Allah when we deal with him! If we trust Him then Hd knows better when and when not to grant the prayers. We don’t worship Him so that he pays us back in return when we demand! We worship Him because we believe He is worthy of that worship , because we need Him and He Dora not need our worship one single bit. So re-examine your relationship with your creator on the basis that He knows best. And don’t plan your life on the basis of your own wishful thinking, yes indeed be hopeful , be positive but don’t be fixated on a thing that if it does not come, your way, your whole world comes to a complete standstill. This is not a healthy attitude as this incident you were hoping to materialise and it did not will not be the first of the last! Life is full of challenges and if we understand a challenge as means to growth and more experience we will learn to accept it and live with it in a more profitable and healthy way.

Go back to your prayers and speak with your Creator with love, trust and complete surrender to His will not to yours.