I have been struggling with spirituality for a prolonged period of time. It has exhausted me, especially since i haven’t experienced a spiritual low like this in so long.
I long to regain high spirituality, but even though I still perform prayer & read the Quran, I can’t seem to feel a connection with God. Any advice would be appreciated, for I am incredibly lost at the moment.

The very fact you’re looking for connection is good
You need to to stick to what is wajib and avoid haram acts. Then as much as possible recite Quran, the Dua that you can connect with and understand, help others (which increases spirituality) and speak to Allah privately. Don’t give up and sometimes going to holy places or mosques etc helps
Have a programme of seeking knowledge and reflect on Qur’an and Hadith as much as possible
Lots of reflection on the greatness of Allah and His creation would help as well
Try to find a scholar who can give u personalised advice based on your own situation in your area. Sometimes what works for some may not work for others .