I have been struggling with spirituality for a prolonged period of time. It has exhausted me, especially since i haven’t experienced a spiritual low like this in so long. I long to regain high spirituality, but even though i still perform prayer & read the Quran, i can’t seem to feel a connection with God. Any advice would be appreciated, for i am incredibly lost at the moment.

It is common for people to feel disconnected sometimes due to being occupied with matters of life. Even people who have a strong spirituality like big scholars and mystics go through phases like this in which they struggle to keep the intense feeling of connection (euphoria),the feeling of being close to Allah (SWT) all the time. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: ( the Soul is sometimes uplifted and willing, and other times low and unenthusiastic, when it is willing take advantage and do as much recommended (mustahab) acts of worship -mustahab prayers and fasting- as you can, and when unenthusiastic make sure you maintain your mandatory prayers and fasting).

It is mentioned in many narrations ( hadiths) that night prayer ( salat al leil) and reciting the holy quran after fajr prayer will help strengthen our light within (spirituality).

Let's not forget that even going through low spirituality is a test to our faith (iman), just like any other hardships we face in life. with Allah's help and guidance and our patients and persistence things will get better inshalah.
( so verily with the hardship there is relief * so verily with the hardship there is relief)
{sorat al onshirah}
I.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs , so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs.