I have been talking with a girl over chat for sometime to know each other… As we have talked, she told me that she was in co-education in school till 12th grade. She did use to talk with her male class mates and had friendship with them too…She says she has always maintained boundaries though and has never been informal with them. But I do not agree with her as I think that adding them on social media or even meeting them in general is wrong.

I myself have been someone who has avoided female interaction all my life in school and university, never had any female friends. I did it due to religious regions and also I always thought that since I want a similar partner later in life, I should also keep myself that way.

However, since the person I am about to marry is not like that, I feel bad sometimes about why did I not get a similar partner when I have maintained myself that way all my life. I keep on overthinking about all this and making strange scenarios in my head. Such as her male friends looking at her social media pictures with lust or just in general while meeting her or being around her. Thinking about all these things makes me get anxious and frustrated that other men have seen her and have been talking to her or clicking pictures with her.

I don’t know how to get rid of these thoughts and overthinking, or resolve this situation, can you please guide me on that?

Better start ayat al kursee wird after every namaz and recite 4 qul 3 times a day.
Inshallah it shall be resolved.