I have been wanting some religious help. Since last past few years we've not been able to be financially stable. Also, we are trying to conceive a second child since last 8 years now but everytime it's a big disappointment. I'm very tired and mentally exhausted. Sometimes I feel like ending my life or running away. Every door seems closed. My heart isn't finding solace anywhere. I've gone through so many treatments for this, but nothing gives results. Please help us out. Please tell us some wazifa or something that will give both my husband I some peace of mind and some solace.

May Allah assist you in your situation and grant you a child. You need to understand that happiness and satisfaction is only a result of being content.

The nature of this life is to have problems and issues. We always hear people complain about their issues, but we are here to be tried and not to live in comfort, comfort was only created for the hereafter.

An individual upon encountering a problem automatically feels it is the end of the road.

‎إِن مَّسَّهُ الشَّرُّ فَيَئُوسٌ قَنُوطٌ
[41:49] if evil touches him, he is hopeless and despairing.

The believer in the worst situations should fill their heart with hope.

Things always change, don’t forget that God fixes things.

Remember when you were young and how you never worried about anything because your parents had all bases covered. Why do we lose this as we grow? When Allah is far greater than our parents at looking after our future and resolving our issues.

You need to remember
1. We were created to be tried
2. This world is transient
3. Allah rewards us based on our resolve in these situations.
4. Only the first hundred years are difficult for the believer. After that is eternal enjoyment.
5. Things change, but if they don’t be content.