I have chosen someone to marry. Our parents have spoken, they have visited my house and we have visited them and both families are happy. We have known eachother and each others families and I’m happy to go forward and be married but before doing so I want to make sure I know everything I should know about marriage such as my rights. Where is the best place I can get this information from as I want to make sure I really know everything and am well equipped for this life commitment. Also my mum is happy with the family and with who I’ve chosen but she is hesitant just because of the fact I am young and he is not financially stable yet which I know are not islamically noteworthy factors but I have a difficult time explaining that to her. I’d rather be married sooner than later, but often I don’t know how confident I am that I am ready in the sense that I know if I know enough yet. I also suffer with anxiety and a lot of it primarily has to do with us being long distance and rarely seeing eachother, I don’t know if that will become better or worse or how I will adapt to coping with that once we are married.

I can assist you in terms of mentoring on Marriage. Also there are many videos on Marriage online and books with ref to this topic. Also have faith and Tawwakul in Allah swt. Financial independence is important however Allah swt is the provider. You can marry him provided your parents are happy. Need to work on your Imaan.