I have few hadiths I would like counter arguments/ explanations presented by a sunni brother.

I heard Abu Ja’far (as) saying: "No one (among ordinary people) claimed that he gathered the Qur’an completely as it was revealed except a liar; (since) no one has gathered it and memorized it completely as revealed by Allah, the Most High, except ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) and the Imams after him (as)". (Usul al-Kafi, v1, p228, Hadith #1).

Al-Kalini narrated in (Al-Kafi) from saleh bin Salamah, he said: Abu abdullah peace be upon on him said: "When Al-Qaim rises, he reads the book of Allah, the Almighty, and brings out the Qur'an written by Ali." AL Kafi 2:633| 23

It was narrated in (Al-kafi) from Abu Jaafar Al-Baqir, he said: "Jibril revealed this verse to Muhammad like this way: "And if you are in doubt about what we have sent down to our servent Ali, then bring the Surah like him." The cow 23

Assuming the hadiths are authentic (we don’t claim all hadiths in al-Kafi are authentic) then here’s how we understand them:

1- As for the first hadith, it means the Qur’an with its original sequence and Tafsir. Only Imam Ali (a) wrote that and gathered that. Not only would he write down the verse, but he had written the Prophet’s explanation of it too.

2- As for the second hadith, it doesn’t state the Qur’an is missing or changed. He just says that the Mahdi (a) will bring forth the copy of Imam Ali (a).

3- As for the third one, it refers to the Tafsir. That’s how it was revealed meaning Jibra’eel explain that it was about Imam Ali (a). So it’s like between parentheses as an explanatory statement.