I have few questions please reply

1. Does a woman need to sit while having bath or especially when she is taking gusl

2. Can a woman take bath on even days of hayz i.e. 4th or 6th day is there any harm doing so

3. I heard that ladies should sit and give niyaz or fateha as only mens can stand and give fateha or nazr

I need to know the answer as we are practicing this since our childhood and now after marriage my husband says aisa kuch hard n fast rule nahi hai toa kya jo hamare bade buzurgon ne bataya wo sab galat hai abtak ham jo baith ke gusl utar rahe the wo galat tareeka tha. Please clarify.

In all of the circumstances mentioned, there is no basis for it. In regards to hayz, minimum is 3 days and maximum is 10 days. Whenever one finishes their hayz, they should do the wajib ghusl whatever time or day it is. Ghusl can be done sitting or standing, doesn't make a difference. It is correct. As for giving niyaz sitting or standing, doesn't make a difference