I have found a suitable match for marriage, however my parents are unwilling to support me as she is not from the same culture as I am. I have explain there are innumerable narrations regarding the permissibility of Inter-cultural marriages and the impermissibility of denying marriage on the grounds of culture and race. I would like some advice on how to approach this, in order to help convince my parents that there isn’t an issue in the marriage, and to accept it – I am aware marriage without the permission of a male’s parents is permissible, but I would still like their support

In fact, this is a real problem faced in many or most Islamic communities, where every one has the idea that his community is the superior, and should not be downgraded through marrying a man or a woman from inferior category.
There is no way to overcome this problem except by the efforts of the Scholars and wise social active people.
Hence, my advice is that you go to such people and ask them to enlighten your family about the subject, and that it is very essential to let you choose your wife.