I have friends who say this ruling

Ruling 2452. With regard to a mubtadhilah(1) woman who does not take heed if someone enjoins her to observe hijab, there is no problem in looking at her on condition that it is not with lust and there is no fear of committing a sin. In this rule, there is no difference between disbelieving women and other women. Likewise, there is no difference between looking at their hands and face and other areas of their body which they usually do not cover.

The claim of my friend is that:
It’s allowed to look at the nakedness of disbelieving females. Even further more that if one views these things a lot they will fall in sin. Like if you know Tiktok there are dancing females who do such stuff such as twerking and stuff and they are non-Muslims but the claim is that it’s permissible to view these things. So if one stares at someone (a female who is almost naked but have their private parts covered) but without lust is it still haram? Also is the ruling to be interpreted that it’s accidental or if one clearly stares out of lust and no fear of falling into sin? Please explain to me regarding this whole issue!

Looking at such images even without lust should not happen because it’s very hard to look at them without lust for a male. Many of the marajie say even without lust it is haram. If they think looking at those videos etc of women without lust is possible they are being deceived by Shaitan