I have gotten to know a girl who come from a good family but I got strange vibes off of her so I asked her if she has had a past before and why she acts a certain way and she told me she never had done anything but then after pressing her on the subject she admitted to me that she had been sending naked pictures of herself to a man when she was younger and that she watches pornography. This makes me feel really disgusted about the whole situation. Ahe wears very good hijab she prays wajibat and night prayer so I was extremely shocked to find all this out and now I’m depressed. I don’t know if she’s hiding more. I don’t know if I’m wrong to ask her these questions or not. Please give me an advice do I overlook these things or is this a big red flag for the future. I’m really in a state I hate.

If you think that she has left that sinful behavior behind and is now pious then you can cautiously proceed. Otherwise, if the doubt in her trustworthiness is too much then you must consider that seriously given it can impact any future relationship. We should not overlook sinful behavior unless it has been repented. But, people can change, so you must determine this