I have heard by many scholars who say that it is not required to pay zakat on gold jewellery worn by women so for example if a women got married and got 200 grams of gold which she wore it on her nikkah day and all the presents of gold which she recieved from the groom's side, is it accountable to give zakat or not? The bride wore the jewellery only 2 or 3 times. And there are some things for example bangles, rings of gold, which she used to wear frequently whenever she visit a party or nikkah. Does she needs to pay zakat on that too?

The answer is No for all, as long she intends to use them. There is no zakat on the formed gold. However, there is khoms on it (20%), if the gold is not used, or if it was used once or twice, and it was then left, and the woman decided in the same year in which she got/bought it, that she will never use it again.
If she intends to use it from time to time, then she do not need to pay khoms.