I have heard from knowledgeable brothers that there are narrations from our Imams in our hadith books that confirm Aisha’s young age (9-10) at the time of marriage.I have found this hadith from Ismail (ra) in al-Kafi but I have yet to find anything that is hujja on us. My question to you is, have you ever read these narrations? Do you know if they exist but have been weakened due to the chain or mathematical calculations?

I understand it is permissible to marry at the age of 9 in our narrations, but I just want to know if these claims have any truth.

We don’t have any authentic hadith in our books that states she was 9. The hadith you mentioned is the only hadith in our books, but it is not attributed to our Imams. It is from Ismail. Hence, it is not Hujjah (proof) for us twelver Shias. Assuming Ismail said that, he either was saying what the majority would state or he said it out of Taqiyyah (or he gave his own opinion). In any case, we do not have a hadith attributed to an infallible Imams that says that.