I have heard that it is haraam to show your makeup covered face to non mahram. In indian weddings, a bride is dressed up with full makeup on and the non mahram inlaws see her with makeup. When I asked any boy family to consider this that I will not wear makeup on my wedding day everyone refused because they said thats how weddings are done now. What should I do, wear makeup for few days after marriage or wait for someone who will consider my request? Although its been long that I have been waiting and I have realised that a no makeup wedding is not possible in india.

You have your faith and if you act against your principles then there are three issues

a) From an Islamic standpoint, it would be a sin to do the make up Infront of a non mahram especially when such is not a necessity

b) If you have reached a place where this marriage is a necessity and the proposal is from someone who is adamant on the sin, it is possible to say that you were compelled etc.

c) Getting married to one with whom you're not on an equal standing in terms of belief system, forcing you to do make up is not going to be the only issue and you will have issues in other parts of your life with the person and perhaps might not have an easy life

On a side note, on wedding night there are people who put on make up but then wear a face covering Infront of non mahram.