I have just moved to the UK from a Muslim country where swimming was segregated and I knew that I am swimming for my health, well-being and connection with Allah. (Regular Swimmer & Competitive Swimming) – Swimming all my life.

I have spoken to many people (Shia Muslims) about this and they say “If it for your well-being then it should be permissible in my unique circumstance” or go at off peak times (highly unpredictable)

The only solution was the weekend swim with the community but I need consistency as, I am recovering from a back injury. Where swimming has helped me immensely. By keeping me mentally, physically & spiritually awake.
Reducing my laziness and keeping me aware that my body’s health is my minds health too.

I’ve tried the gym and can not stick to it. But yet again it’s mixed. So is the fatwa similar to swimming?

What should I do? I do not wish to lose my connection with Allah. For it is too precious.

If you can state that without swimming you will face unbearable hardship or difficulty, then you can go provided you ensure that you don’t have any haram looks or thoughts and it’s best to do so when it’s quiet without people.