I have mental health issues. I often feel tired, exhausted and unmotivated due to these conditions. These are very difficult for me. Especially since it’s hard for myself to be clean, I find it hard to do salah too, because it is very physical to me.

Sometimes I get the chance to do a few prayers in one or two days, but only out of the whole month. Though, how could I tell the difference of me being unable to do salah due to my medical/mental health conditions and the product of laziness? I feel that what I can’t do would be excused, and what I could do will not be excused. Though how could I tell if what I have is excusable or not?

While other obligations can be excused at times, there is no valid excuse to miss prayer. If you can’t pray standing you can sit, if you can’t sit you lay down.

Prayer is the most important obligation we have as Muslims and should never be missed.