I have OCD so I repeat many things because to me if I don’t, I would feel horrible and start having a panic attack. I was repeating my salat starting it over and over again by saying “Allahu Akbar” and I would say I repeated my self 15 times give or take. And I got really tired from doing this and I’m my head I was talking to Allah and say ‘WAllah’ it’s my last time repeating my salat but i repeated my salah again. So do I have to fast 3 days as wouldn’t it count as breaking a covenant with The Almighty?

1) First of all, next time you get the urge to repeat the Salat, remind yourself that Allah doesn’t want you to repeat your salat. When you want to repeat the salat, who are you doing it for? Aren’t you praying for Allah? If yes, then he Allah is telling you I don’t want you to repeat if. If you repeat it then you’re not worshiping me. Keep this mind as it’s quite helpful.

2) Secondly, since you didn’t deliberately break your oath (it got broken due to OCD which you couldn’t control) you don’t have to pay kaffara by feeding 10 people or fasting, so don’t worry about that