I have one big prblm, When I pray, I always doubt if I passed gas or no. Sometimes its doubts and sometimes its true. Or just I don’t know if its really gas or no.
So, everyday for each namaz, I repeat lt about 5 times. Because my conscience is not clear. I am always thinking that and If its really gas, and I just not try to repeat my namaz before its kaza, what I will say to Allah(swt).

I have been through this for few years already. This problem affect my imaan seriously , I feel more and more depressed. Because of this, I am scared to lose hope in Allah (swt)

I still making duas everyday, I seek help from the Ahlul Bayt (as), I do isteghfar. But I dont know what happen to me.
I do so many duas like yastashir, zyarat e ashura, duas e makaremlul aklaqh, to change my self and to become a pious person with a pure heart.

But I am just thinking that, How I can be religious if I can’t pray salat properly? Because, after my prayers , I am never satisfied. So can you imagine how I feel everyday? I Just leave my mussalo with a heart broken. Most of the time I cry after namaz.

And its not normal, because namaz is here to relax us, and for me when I am in my mussalo I just start to stress..
I already did a treatment with doctors but still the same.

Is it the fact that Allah(swt) Don’t Want to Hear my voice, because I have so many gunnah?
Do you have something that can help me? Please

What is the fiqh law for this kind of situation please? For example, if its an illness ?

First of all I humbly request you please don’t feel any guilty. Make sure Religion Islam came to give us ease not trouble. Islam is a very flexible religion. We believe Allah is Just this is our Usool e Din says so Allah will not punish anyone out of injustice.
Now as for as Islamic laws(Shariat) concern in the case of doubts occurs in Namaz if it’s leads that person gets doubt again and again then he/she is called Kathurush shakk and for such person rules say that he/she has to ignore his/her shakk (doubt).
Therefore you are not supposed to repeat your any namaz.
This was what Islamic laws says.
Now I request you please at least one week behave yourself as nothing has happened with you and pray your namaz only once don’t repeat without any doubt I’m taking all your responsibility on my own shoulders that even if you feel that really you have released gas don’t repeat your namaz just only for one week .