I have one big problem. When I pray, I always doubt if I passed gas or no. Sometimes its doubts and sometimes its true. Or just I don’t know if its really gas or no.
So, everyday for each namaz, I repeat lt about 5 times. Because my conscience is not clear. I am always thinking that and If its really gas, and I just not try to repeat my namaz before its kaza, what I will say to Allah(swt).

I have been through this for few years already.
This problem affect my imaan seriously , I feel more and more depressed. Because of this, I am scared to lose hope in Allah (swt)

I still making duas everyday, I seek help from the Ahlul Bayt (as), I do isteghfar.
But I dont know what happen to me.
I do so many duas like yastashir, zyarat e ashura, duas e makaremlul aklaqh, to change my self and to become a pious person with a pure heart.

But I am just thinking that, How I can be religious if I can’t pray salat properly? Because, after my prayers , I am never satisfied. So can you imagine how I feel everyday? I Just leave my mussalo with a heart broken. Most of the time I cry after namaz.

And its not normal, because namaz is here to relax us, and for me when I am in my mussalo I just start to stress..
I already did a treatment with doctors but still the same.

Is it the fact that Allah(swt) don’t Want to Hear my voice, because I have so many gunnah?
Do you have something that can help me? Please

What is the fiqh law for this kind of situation please? For example, if its an illness ? Am I kacirul shank, so I have to ignore doubts

Yes you have many doubts about this issue so you should ignore your doubts regarding this issue.