I have question regarding paying of stolen goods or funds. If someone had stolen good or funds over the years for multiple years in multiple different ways what is the best way to make this right. Going back to the people and trying to make it right is problematic or not possible. The person rather not go that route. Is their an alternative? Also these items were taken slowly over a long period of time with no way to know exactly how much but they can make come up with somewhat of a estimate although unlikely accurate as some of these date back 20 years. Someone suggested to pay khums but this person has never paid khums before and was unaware that it is even wajab to do. The highest total funds this person ever had in the bank at the time is 50k. Is it sufficient to just pay khums on this amount even the the stolen amount may exceed this since it was done over such a long period of time?

Even if the khums is sufficient the person still feels guilty and wants to do more what more can they do ?

He has to pay the value of the items he has stolen, by any means, even as a gift, or through some one. There is no other solution.