I have questions regarding certain laws, rules and or regulations.

I am aware that we need to try to follow the laws of the land which live the best we can especially those that don’t contradict Islamic laws but my questions go to more of the every day stuff like for a example driving slightly over the speed limit when trying to make good time or to get to a meeting or if the city in which you says for example you are only allowed to rent out your home a specific amount of times within one year trying to limit certain activities.

So my question is if you break some of these rules or "laws" is this considered a actual sin?

There are laws in place to protect the life of the individual and society, such as traffic laws, and these laws must be adhered to, and it is not permissible to violate them, because of the potential harm to the individual and society.
There are laws designed to organize life, give equal opportunities to people and protect society from manipulation, and if their application to people is done correctly, then it is not permissible to violate them, especially if violating them is an offense to Islamic law, as the violators will basically be Muslims.