I have read a few narrations/descriptions of how the Prophet (sawa) and the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (as) used to wear their hair. In some narrations I would see that their hair would be long, either up to the ends of their ear lobes or to their shoulders, and in some they would have a shaven head. I’m not sure as to which one is accurate, perhaps they could have done both during their lifetimes.

I want to follow the Sunnah as best as possible, so I ask what would be the recommended/mustahab length for hair for a male? My hair now goes past my ears and I would be willing to cut it if there’s a chance it will bring me closer to Allah SWT.

In the past it was the norm to grow hair longer. The prophet and Imams did also have that however they maintained it clean and tidy. When they perform the hajj they would shave it all off as it is Wajib for first timers and highly recommended for pilgrims after the first time.

There are certain things that were performed in the past because they were socially acceptable for men. Today they may give off a different impression. For example the long hair or the eye kohl which men used to practice. Today this may be regarded as imitating women. If that is the case then it becomes haraam and unacceptable. If the intention is purely to follow the Sunna of the prophet and there is no attempt to look like or imitate individuals whose values are against Islam then it is okay.