I have read somewhere that we don’t believe in karma but Kifarah? Is it true? I know Allah see very thing and when someone wrongs a person he is in debt, but is that called kifarah/kafirah? Sometimes people don’t get their punishment quick, is it possible that a person don’t get punished in this world? If that’s the case how come – because I have always thought that what goes around comes around. That’s why even when I want to do something in a situation I behave because I don’t won’t punishment from that specific thing from Allah.

Yes, when someone does an injustice to another person then some form of restitution or reparation is needed. When we do something wrong against another person and don’t seek forgiveness from Allah and them, then if Allah does not punish us in this world He will make us account in the next. Thus, we should ask forgiveness immediately and seek to repair our mistake. On the other hand, Kaffarah is offered by a person who breaks certain laws that Allah has made (like breaking fast without a valid reason).