I have read the tauzeeh and read najasat taharat chapters so many times. I understand it but I'm unable to control my waswas. I'm extreme in waswas. I'm unable to use engkish toilet and I dont have other options in my home. Its not possible to change. It takes for me hours to just pass urine and clean myself. I want to heal.

Believe me we all use English toilet and now a days other than India bad Pakistan most of the countries even big no people in India they use English toilet. So please try to remove from your mind and just follow what Islam says not what your own mind and understanding. If we follow Islam according to our own mind and interest then that would not be Islam but Shaitani Waswasa. So please don’t listen to your mind. And start a new life like other members of your own family and try to live natural life.
Ask Allah (swt) to help you inshallah be Haqqe 14 Masumins inshallah you will soon get natural way of life.