I have recently read somewhere that on the day of judgement your good deeds will be transferred to someone's account whom you have hurt as compensation.

1) Would that happen with parents also ? I mean would parents also take away good deeds of their children because they have hurt them at some point in their lifetime.
If yes, then what is the point of having relations here when a sweet and selfless bond like parent-child will become selfish and sour on the day of judgement that parents who used to sacrifice everything for their child in this world would snatch away good deeds and throw their child to hell?

2) We are humans and there are certain times when we can have disagreements with our parents. Sometimes we also had fights over certain things. Its not that we never loved each other but yes in those fights or disagreements definitely it might be possible that hearts were hurt. But I know in this world parents can never think bad of their child but if this relationship is so sweet in this world then why would god make it sour there. By sourness I meant that instead of forgiveness for they would want compensation that might empty the entire good deeds of their child

1) It’s not a straightforward process and not the way you perceive it.
If someone is insolent to their parents they are insolent to God. How do you interpret someone getting their rights from someone as selfish and sour? If you have harmed people then the day of judgement is where all scores get settled. Rather than worry about that then, worry about it now and fix it so you won’t lose your good actions and procure their bad actions.

2) A believer is forgiving in nature, parents generally will forgive you in their life time. You can’t claim something in the next world if you have forgiven in this world. So I don’t think that your parents will turn brutal in the hereafter.
As for disagreements, this is a natural part of life. An insolent child is one who is bad in nature to their parents.