I have seen a video in the YouTube where people experience Near death experience and they have seen Jesus pbuh and they have seen heaven and angels that guide them and garden but that person have the choice to go back in the body, and she does. Also after gaining her conciousness, she converted from Christianity and had the sense of love. What do you think about that?

Many near death experiences have been reported by people. My analysis is that these people see dreams/visions based on what’s stored in their subconscious mind.
Many Christians claim they see Jesus or something about him during such experiences. Muslims may say they see the Prophet. Hindus say they visions that confirm their beliefs. Sometimes when a person becomes unconscious, their subconscious mind becomes active and may play a role here.
Now you might say: some people are not Christians but after a near death experience and seeing Jesus or angels they convert to Christianity. Well, such people have heard about Jesus and angels before. It’s stored somewhere in their subconscious, and during such experiences the subconscious may show them such visions. Allah knows best.