I have so many questions about namaz and wouzou,

1) I heard that, when we make wouzou, and we don’t finished the massa of our feet, we can’t walk or move more than 3 steps. Is it true?

2) If I do mistake in the zikr for example, Do I have the right to just correct it directly? Or I have to re do my namaz again?

3) Moreover, if I am performing my namaz, my clothes slide, so we can see , the part of my body that Its wajib to cover (example my wrists) , do I have to re do my salat? Or just cover it again and continue it ?

4) If at the end of my salat, I realize that we can see a bit of my hair, do I have to re do my namaz , or its valid?

5) When I am saying the zikr of my namaz, and accidentally, I make a sound or I speak loudly, Make my salat baatil?

6) After I finished my prayer, I realize that I did a mistake in the Tasbi ate arba , I said ‘subhannallahi…. wa la illaha ILLALAHI…’
instead of ‘ …. wa la illaha ILLALAHOU…’
So , I just re do my namaz to be sure and to not have any doubt.
But know, the problem is that I dont know if I did this mistake or no before . So what do I have to do?
Is this kind of mistake make salaat baatil?

7) When I am doing my wouzou, and my arms just touch or touch something else like my clothes or the door for example, make it invalid ?

8)Then, do you have some advices to be concentrated in salat? I have so many difficulty to be concentrated ..

1) It is best to complete all of the wudhu in one place if it is possible.

If due to lack of space etc one has to move then it must be in the state that one is doing wudhu. So for example, to keep on wiping the arms, then coming out to do masah on head and feet.

2) just repeat the zikr correctly and continue with Namaz

3) just cover and continue

4) it is valid

5) it is valid

6) it is valid
If you did it accidentally you can do sajdah sahw at the end and Namaz doesn’t need to be repeated.

7) no it is valid

8) better to prepare before the time and have a place reserved in house for Namaz which is free from distractions and other things