I have some questions and I would appreciate if you could answer them

1. What makes islam different than other religions ? For eg if there is a debate on which religion is the true religion, every religion has there proof in the form of graves of prophets, old cities and old books. What I am trying to say is that i believe that there was a person named Ali we have a shrine and everything but how can I believe that everything that is been said about him is true, just because its written in a book (books can be altered).

2. Imam’s were said to have powers that God gave them they could do things that normal people couldn’t. Again i mean no disrespect but reading about it for me is no different than reading a fictional story because where is the proof except from the books, in all my 23 years of existence never have i even witnessed a “mojza”.

3. My father said that for a real momin this life is just made for ibadat, God wants him to pray as much as he can and live in fear of God and should lead a simple life and not let the worldly belongings distract them. Well for me the worldly belongings are the only thing that make sense because i have lived it , and I find it very hard to believe that God created this beautiful world and dose not want me to enjoy it for a heaven that i have only read about in books and have no proof of it existing in the first place.

4. Islam says that music is haram. I have literally seen people going through depression, anxiety and everyday problems to have a positive outcome on life because of music, and not just people scientists have proved that even plants have a positive reaction to music they have seen much healthier progression in plants with music playing around them than normal plants. Basically what I am trying to say here is if music is so bad and God forbids it then why does it make people feel good inside. Why are we made in a way to like music.

5. God is said to be the all knowing and the most merciful there is. So he also knows that who is going to hell on the day of judgement and him being merciful he can stop that from happening right, and if he can do that than what is the purpose of our existence.

6. My father is a businessman and has been in debts for a long time just to give you a prospective. Its been almost 5 years and recently he asked a Maulana for help and he told him to pray the zyarate ashura for 40 days and said that this should help with his problems. After a couple of days of praying he asked one of his friends for a loan and he said yes. Now my father’s faith just became a lot stronger because he said that it hasn’t even been 40 days and my problems are being solved. In the other hand how I see it is that he could’ve just gone to his friend for the loan before he went to the maulana. There is no factual proof that just reading something can make a difference in your life i know my father he also looks at the translations when he reads but most of the people i see reading the quran even in madrasas have no idea what it means they are just reading it for the sake of it.

7. I also think that our religion is very strict towards women where its ok for a 16 year old to get married but its wrong for a 25 year old to walk around with her hair open. Now I agree that appropriate clothing is necessary because a mans mind is attracted to a woman showing a lot of skin but at the same time it dose not mean that a women has to be dressed like a tent everytime she wants to go out, cover her face whenever another man enters the house. Did God create our beautiful faces and our ability to socially interact with each other to hide it ?

8. We humans this earth is smaller than a grain of sand in the universe, and that is a scientific fact, how is there no mention of any other civilization in the whole universe I find it hard to believe that the universe which is trillions of times bigger than the earth has no purpose because everything happens on earth.

I mean no disrespect but I would appreciate if you do not connect my questions to some verses of the quran and give me poetic answers, i would very much like factual answers to my questions.

1- To know what’s special about Islam, I recommend you see these 2 lectures:




When it comes to knowing what the Imams said, we have a science called the science of hadith. We examine the source to see if it’s reliable, then we examine each narrator in a chain to see if they were reliable or not.

2- You don’t need to believe the Imams performed particular supernatural things or not. We don’t believe in the Imams because they did those things. We believe in them because the truthful Prophet told us to follow them, and we read their knowledge and confirmed that it’s source is divine. The knowledge Imam Ali brings in Nahjul Balagha, for instance, is unmatched.

3- God created us to worship Him (that’s how we achieve success spiritually). But it doesn’t mean we pray all day long. Prayer is a small part of faith. Islam commands us to make a halal living, seek knowledge, explore the world, raise a good family, help others in society, and so on. All of this is Ibadat. See Sura A’raf verse 32, Allah says who made the beautiful things haram! As a believer you can enjoy this world, but don’t do anything haram and have your hope in the hereafter because the world will end. The way your father explained it to you is not accurate.

4- Who told you all music is haram? Haram music is the inappropriate, entertainment music that distracts us. Not all music is haram. That haram inappropriate music is like a drug that gives us a high. It activates the same part in the brain as a drug does.

5- See this clip:




6- If you believe in a God, and you believe he has a system, and you believe he answers prayers when there is wisdom in it, then yes doing these a’maal like the 40 days can increase your sustenance. If God exists, He won’t be able to do that? Now if someone doesn’t believe in God, sure I won’t use this argument. There is no factual way to prove it to an atheist because he can just say it’s a coincidence. But here’s the point, I don’t believe in God because if I do 40 days of this deed He’ll give me this or that. I believe in him because I intellectually know he exists. I recommend you see this:


7- A woman doesn’t have to dress like a “tent.” She just has to cover her skin (except face and the hands) and not wear provocative clothing. As long as she is doing that then it’s fine. She doesn’t have to cover her face.

8- Who told you there is no purpose to the universe? First, Imam Ali says every square feet in the universe is occupied by an angel worshipping God (you may choose not to believe that, but we do). Second, in another hadith he says: there are nations in the stars just like you have nations on earth. Sure, we don’t have details on those civilizations because 1400 centuries ago people didn’t have the capacity to fathom them, and the Imams would not say something people can’t comprehend and would falsify (it’s not wise). Besides, we are not obligated to know about them. We must know what our role is in life and prepare ourselves for the next.