I have some questions concerning Haram money:

1) If one does charity with it, does he get any good deeds?

2) If one builds a Mosque, and people pray in it, is it permissible for them to pray in it? Does he get good deeds?

3) If one gives his family money, and helps them out, without them knowing it’s haram, do they get punished?

Does he get punished twice as much for giving them haram money?

4) If one sends people to Hajj, is it a sin?

All of these are without people knowing that the money was haram.

1- No.
2- It is not allowed to build a mosque with haram money.
It has to be given to needy people.
3- He is punished, not his family, and have to pay again to needy people.
4- Same like 2& 3