I have some questions when it comes to joking with none mahrams:

1) Is it haram to joke in a public setting with men and women in a voice call using none inappropriate jokes

2) Are all jokes with a none mahram absolutely haram and if not what certain types jokes would be considered halal

3) Can I make harmless jokes with a girl I’m talking to for marriage

4) Is it halal to have a voice call with with multiple men and women talking about none haram topics

5) Can I make a joke with no lustful intentions targeted at a none mahram

6) What is a joke defined as on islamic law

1- Yes.
2- All kinds are not permissible with the fear of falling into the forbidden, even by being dragged into it little by little, as it is forbidden to joke, fruit, make love or show it with a foreigner.
3- Answered in 2.
4- No problem with no fear of falling into the forbidden.
5- Answered in 2.