I have struggled with severe acne, inflamed cyst on my face that gives scars and pain.
The only thing that works is following low fat vegan diet. But this means very low calorie meals.
Now that I’ve started to fast I’ve tried seeds, avocado and nuts to up calorie intake, but I’ve gotten 3 new cysts (skin is usually fully clear). If I don’t, my calorie intake would at most be 800 calories. Do you have any advice? I really wish to continue fasting. Would this be an exception maybe for when one can follow Mekka time?

If the cysts are unbearable (meaning it’s too difficult to handle their pain), and there is no alternative way of treating them, and the only way to treat them is to not fast, then yes you can break your fast and then make it up later. But you would not be able to fast and follow Mecca time. You’d just break your fast and make it up later.