I have thought about something. In Islam we are encouraged to have many children and we are also encouraged to trust in Allah. So what about those poor families for example in middle eastern countries who got poor because they got many children. Did these families not trust in Allah and that’s why they can’t get out of their poor situation? Is it like that easy to for example get many children and trust in Allah that you won’t get poor and at the same time not to pay attention to how your economy is?

God Almighty commanded us to use the mind, and this is what differentiates between man and beasts. There is no evidence that God requires us to have many children, even though we know that we cannot raise them properly.

Relying on God, Glory be to Him, necessitates taking into account the reasons. Whoever knows that he will not be able to provide the proper education and the necessary needs for more than two children, for example, it is not correct for him to bring a dozen children out of trust in God, glory be to Him.
The narrations that urged procreation used to look at a time when Muslims were in need of abundance, but today we do not need the quantity, but the quality.

There may come a time when there is a need for reproduction, so it is desirable, while in another time it is permissible, and it may be taboo if one knows that he is not able to breed properly. In this case, he must organize his offspring, and suffice with what he can raise and take care of.