I have toilet issue whenever I visit the bathroom and do istibraa. After I leave the bathroom 5-20 minutes later a urine drop comes out. I have tried everything sheikh, no matter what it always comes out. I have also visited doctors and they have all told me that I’m healthy. I don’t know what I should do, if I should ignore it or keep changing underwear. Please advise me. I have heard both ignore it and change underwear. I feel guilty choosing the easy option

With your knowledge that what comes out of you is urine, there is no way to ignore it, and you must purify your clothes or change them for prayer, along with purifying the urine outlet and the unclean part of the private part and body.
And you can, with your knowledge of the ejection of the drops, wrap the private part with a tissue paper so that the urine does not reach the clothes, and then it is only necessary to purify the place and perform ablution for prayer. If you choose the easy way, while you are certain that it is urine, your prayers are void. If you are not certain it is urine, then you can ignore it.