I have two questions :
– Some people say that "Ali is Allah, but Allah is not Ali" in the sense that Ali's actions, intentions and will are none other than Allah's, so Ali (or every Imam) is none other than Allah, he is melt in Him. However the Almighty Allah in itslef cannot be confined to the person of Ali. Is this a correct statement ?
– When we say the Imams (as) are the noor of Allah, or that they were derived from the noor of his Kursi, is this noor created or uncreated ?

1) No, such statements are not appropriate. We should never say that they are Allah, because nothing is like Allah nor can anything be compared to Him. Yes, what would be appropriate to day is: Imam Ali is “God-like” or in Arabic “Ilahi.” It means he’s a man of God and everything that he does is for God and he has imbued himself and his actions with God. But to say Imam Ali is Allah is not appropriate.

2) It seems that the Nour of Allah is sempiternal and was not created. It’s a dimension of Allah’s power. From this Nour Allah created the Ahlulbayt (a).