I have two questions that I need answers for please.

1- If I have cream or foundation on my face and I wash that off before wudu with soap. Then my face is already wet. I have been told that you cannot perform wudu on an already went face. Is this correct? Or can I do my wudu as normal even if my face is wet?

2- After sexual contact with husband, if I take a shower immediately and pray but later realise that I still have some discharge which might be my husbands sperm discharge and not my own, do I need to have another ghusal? Or is the first one sufficient even if I have a discharge remaining from my husband?

1- There is no need to wipe your face you can do wudhu with your wet face.
2- After having sexual intercourse if any has passed urine and then performs Ghusl now after having ghusl if she sees any discharge then her ghusl is valid otherwise if without passing urine if she performed ghusl and then having discharge in that case she has to do ghusl e janabat again.