I have two questions that keep bothering me which are as follows:

1. Application of Khums. I am clear about the distribution part but I am not clear on which asset or property it is payable. I want a response that can be proved and substantiated by practices or sayings of Imams. Apparently Khums is defined in sura e Anfal which was revealed after jang e Badr and totally related to rights, responsibilities and duties during & after a war fought for Islam. As it appears khums is applicable only on war booty.

2. Taqleed : importance of Taqlid in Islam and its prove from the sayings of Rasul e khuda or imams. When it started and what is the history? How to find a right marja?

I would highly appreciate clarity.

These two reads should have the answers you are searching for and clarify the subject matter inshallah.