I have various psychological or may be spiritual issues I don't know but one thing is that whenever I read or listen something in which Allah explains his majesty or power over us I feel egoistic in myself. I feel like everything is unreal everything happening in the world is merely coincidence and may Allah forgive me for saying this but I feel like everything is just a dream and whenever I read or listen to the ayat of Allah taala I feel like this is not real and as is I am dreaming or Allah taala is just a thought or something nothing real. Even when sometimes I make dua and on that spot the dua gets accepted and manifested I still feel like this is just happened like that only, basically it doesn't feel me real.

1- Don’t doubt your faith. These are satanic whispers to weaken you. Ignore these thoughts as best as you can, and when you get them: say to yourself “I am a believer and I will ignore these doubts.” Then say to Shaytan: I will not let you weaken my faith. I will ignore the doubts you are creating for me.

2- Say everyday la ilaha illa Allah 100 times

3- Wash your head with sidr water

4- Strengthen your certainty in Allah. For example, I recommend seeing such videos: