I heard a Hadith in a lecture the other day that the Prophet (saws) says “oof “ (i.e. is disappointed) in the one who doesn’t at the very least spent his WHOLE Friday in seeking knowledge.
Just wondering whether this Hadith is authentic because I though it is ok to work on Fridays as long as Friday prayer is not neglected.
As in, wouldn’t it be ok if instead of studying the whole of Friday, we study a little bit each day instead?

You can do anything as long as it’s halal till the time of prayer and then resume whatever you were going once your Friday prayer is concluded. Thus Hadith is referring to engaging of any acts that distracts while you are listening to the two khutbas (sermons) of the actual Friday prayer as they are deemed as a substitute for the two Rakaat of Zuhur since we only pray two raakat for zuhur on Friday