I heard that if a wife of someone does not allow her husband to sleep with her without a proper reason then he is allowed to force himself on her, this is deeply troubling me so if you could help explain this I would apreciate it

It is not permissible for a woman to prevent her husband from having intercourse with her without a legitimate excuse such as menstruation or childbirth, and if she does, then she is a sinner, and it is permissible for him to force her to have intercourse, because that is one of his rights, rather all his rights are limited to two things, namely intercourse at any time, and not leaving the home without his permission. I do not mean by forcing to cause physical harm to her, which is of course forbidden, but he can force her by not spending on her – for example – as long as she is abstaining, or prevent her from leaving the house, or threaten her to marry another woman.