I heard that Non Muslims who have seen the truth but reject are held accountable and I understand that point. But non Muslims who haven’t seen the truth are not held accountable and could be spared. What about the righteous ones, the mu’minin who do good deeds? They are promised heaven. So if they can both end up in the same heaven while one tries hard and the other doesn’t really, then how is that fair. I believe I have missed something or misunderstood. God is the all merciful and all just. Do they just both go to heaven though? Or are they in different levels of heaven? One did try hard and reached truth and tries hard to be obedient while the other didnt reach truth or spend all that effort. Please explain?

Heaven has different levels, and it is not possible – from the point of view of divine justice – to compromise between believers and others, nor between working believers and negligent believers. Each has a degree that differs from the other, and the levels differ according to knowledge, intensity of work, sincerity, piety and observance of God Almighty.