, I hope you have read the book Three minutes of Judgement Day. In the book ,the judgment of the person's life begins just after his death while the popular belief is of Barzakh and it's contradictory. That the person goes directly to judgement day without the journey of Barzakh. InshaAllah you can help me to clear my mind on this subject.

There is a minor judgment and major judgment. When we die, Barzakh starts and this is the minor judgment. Those who are believers will get judged and rewarded for their deeds and might be partially punished for some sins. Those disbelievers will get judged and punished for their sins. And those people in the middle, who are not believers but they are also not disbelievers (meaning they didn’t stubbornly reject the truth) they will be put to sleep until the Day of Judgment. So the major and final judgment comes there on Yawmel Qiyamah. Barzakh is like a pre-trial, and the Day of Judgment is the main and final trial.