I hope you’re having a great week thus far. I have 2 questions regarding prayer.

Regarding the Night prayer, sometimes I’m very tired after work and I only pray the Witr. When mentioning the 40 believers, for example, can I say, “my 6 uncles” or do I have to separately name each and everyone one of them. I know Allah swt already has the knowledge of who I am referring to when I say my 6 uncles, but I just want to make sure that does not invalidate my prayer.

Also regarding Al-Tasbīhāt al-Arba’a (Arabic: التَسْبیحات الأرْبَعَة): "Subḥān Allāh, wa l-ḥamd li-llāh, wa lā ilāh-a illā Allāh, wa Allāh Akbar". Sometimes I am running late to work, am I permitted to recite this once instead of 3 times in my daily prayers?

1) In the night prayer, one should pray by name and if there is no enough time, read the last three rak'ahs, one rak'ah is not enough. And if time is short, it is not necessary to take forty names

2) According to some mujtahid ruling reading one taseehat e arba is enough.