I just had conversation with my friend, he said his goal to get phD is to get credibility for his future business, he wanted to be rich by his own business, then I said to him, it is better not to have that kind of things as his main goals, the main goals should be related to our worship to Allah, which is for example to help our society, I also said that wanting to be rich is not wrong but it should not be our main goals then he said yes but being rich means he can do a lot of kindness

By this conversation im then wondering, what things should be on our mind (intention?) before doing anything in life? Because based on the conversation, I see some differences in the flow of our thinking but it kind of has a same ending. I am questioning myself whether being too "Allah-centered" is wrong? what should I do then before setting goals in my life?

I hope you’re well. It is not wrong to have professional goals and to earn a good salary, especially when you support others and do good with it. The problem arises when it becomes your only objective in life and worse, it takes you away from Allah. Thus, one should pursue it with the intention of pleasing and serving Allah, and perform the necessary obligations like khums and zakat if Allah gives to them. Being God centered is good and necessary, we just have to integrate it into our lives, which we must live in this world