I just had two questions I wanted to ask you
1) If a woman who is a virgin wants a Muta’ah relationship but she doesn’t have any contact with her father at all, does the man need to get permission from her uncles or her brother? Or can she decide it for herself? Also is it necessary to go to a sheikh for Muta’ah?

2) Is protesting considered haraam? Example for black lives matter, and can you give me hadeeths or quranic verses for why or why not, please.

1) A virgin needs her father's permission or her grandfather (father's father). Those are the two that can give permission for marriage.

It is not necessary to go to a shaikh for the marriage contract, it can be done by the man and woman.

2) Protesting is not haraam. It can even be obligatory at times as enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is an obligatory act upon all Muslims.