I just have a few questions on the issue of who is included in the ahlul bayt. I’ve heard arguments from other sects in Islam that in the Quran allah has mentioned in surah Hud ayah 73 that Sarah the wife of the prophet Ibrahim was blessed on by Allah and referred to her as the people of the house. So why isn’t the wives of the Prophet Muhammad part of the ahlul bayt. Next argument is surah al-ahzab the ayahs before ayah 33 and the ayah itself talks about the wives of the prophet, so it’s thought they are included in the ahlul bayt. What’s the imami school of thoughts opinions on both these arguments?

Sarah was prophet Ibrahim’s (as) cousin thus was blood related.

The beginning part of verse 33:33 addresses the women where as the the grammatical structure changes from feminine to masculine when it addresses the Ahl ul Bayt (as). See this video below for more detailed grammatical explanation if you like