I just have a quick question that I need clarification on.

While performing wudu when washing between the fingers of each hand, I have seen people do the below:

1. If washing the right hand, place one’s left hand on the elbow (of the right arm) and move it in a downwards motion all along the arm and down to the area between each of the fingers (of the right hand) ensuring the area (between the fingers up to the end of the fingertips) has been washed.

2. Same method as the above except that the person uses his left hand to wipe in a downwards direction from just above the wrist of the right hand to the end of the finger tips ensuring that the area between each of the fingers has been washed.

Are both of the above methods permissible in wudhu to ensure water has reached the area between the fingers in wudu?

Yes, both are fine based on your description as long as the wiping is occurring downward, from direction of elbow to wrist