I just wanted to know is there any literature and text or some books regarding single parenting in Islam.
I’m seperated and have a daughter to raise all by myself.
Can you suggest me some books where there are references from ahlul bayt as and it can be of some help to me.

Also any advices on how to raise her all by myself so she doesn’t grow up to be an insecure person and is confident enough. Especially on how do I make her understand when she’s like a year or two old because we live in a compound with all my relatives around her cousins her age have their dads so tomorrow when she asks me about it how do I start? What do I tell her?

Please download this book free available on internet:


She is still so young but of course your worries is genuine. Children are like a soft clay, whatever shape you want you can give it. So don’t think they can’t understand what you teach. Yes they can’t do analysis but they copy it and save it in their mind therefore whatever way you will adopt for your life, your child will copy you.