I just watched a lecture online and I learned something about divorce that I was completely unaware of before. I didn’t know that in Islam if people got divorced they’re entitled to their own money. So when a man or woman takes 50% of the other persons wealth or assets without their consent (like the court forced them) it’s haram money unless stated in the initial marital agreement. So my question is, then what is each person entitled to in a divorce if anything? In America the culture is different but in other countries some women still don’t work so how do they live outside of a divorce? Do they get any maintenance ? I’m curious because I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Also, does this same concept apply to other legal compensation? If someone sues another person in court and that person is then forced to pay compensation is that haram money to take? For example when someone is injured at work and they sue for workers compensation for an unsafe work environment etc. Or if someone slips and falls at a restaurant and they sue the establishment for not having a wet floor sign etc.

When a man and woman get divorced in Islam, each retains their own wealth and property. The only thing that must be given by the husband to the wife is the outstanding dowry (if the conditions require). There is no alimony in Islam, however, the father is fully responsible for maintaining the children. Although this is the basic rule of Islam, our religion advocates for awareness and empowerment so no person, especially women, are left without any income or livelihood after divorce.
Determining the permissibility of taking compensation from a lawsuit is not straightforward, because there are many conditions. Moreover, there are differences in the application of these rules based on the environment in which it is enacted.